Wednesday, June 19, 2013

What's the Diff?!

There are so many different kinds of oils and serums to put in your hair. So hmmm... is there really a difference and what kind is best for you? Let's start at the top and work right.

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This stuff is FANTASTIC. I would highly recommend MoroccanOil to people who have naturally dark, thick, coarse hair. That's right dark hair. MoroccanOil is a pretty heavy serum, a little bit goes along way. I would not recommend it to people who have fine or blond hair. The oil has a yellow tint to it and I have seen it yellow peoples hair over time. It is made for people who want to keep a nice golden shine on their dark/ black hair. For Blondie's who are die heart fans there is a Light version.

Suave Moroccan Oil

This oil will make your hair noticeable silky & shiny  in an instant and has a yummy fragrance. If that's all you’re looking for then this stuff may be for you. No need to read more. But, personally my mama always taught me you get what you pay for. So yes, it adds shine to your hair but it won't soak into your hair or offer healing qualities. There are other products that offer a lot more with better quality and is healthier for your hair

Neem Serum

My personal favorite, neem serum. It is all over great stuff. It is a thermal protector, offers UVA UVB and UVC protection, helps add shine to hair it also has  anti aging  properties  that restore your hairs youth natural radiance. Neem is great for people with coarse to fine hair. This serum uses nano technology so it will actually soak into the hair shaft not just sit on top of the hair. Just a WARNING a little little bit goes a long way. Where this oil soaks into your hair and doesn't coat it or just sit on the outside you can use neem on a daily basis.

CHI Silk Infusion

CHI Silk Infusion is fantastic for people who use CHI styling tools. They are made to work hand in hand. This is a lightweight oil that works great for fine hair. It uses wheat protein to help strengthen distressed hair. Words of caution  those who are about using all natural products, this is not for you it has lots of silicone oils in it. But where it is so light weight it can help keep volume in your hair while taming frizz.

Cooking Oils

Ok, Ok I know this may have been a little "no duh".  But for anyone who didn't know already cooking oil isn't meant for your hair. If you want to add coconut olive oil to a DYI hair mask that's fine, just make sure it is a high quality product.  I do not  use them on a daily basis because it is way to heavy for my hair type.