What color is your hair>>

    Well as a cosmetologist my hair is constantly changing!! I will try to keep it updated.

April 2013: 5N with highlights, toned with 7A.
June 2013: 3N
November 2013: 4N with balage highlights on the bottom, toned with 8AX.

Do you have hair extensions>>

     I change it up all the time. I will try really hard to keep this updated.

April 2013: No hair extensions for me! It's all natural! Want to know how I keep my hair healthy and long? Read my Long Hair Don't Care post. It will tell you all my secrets!
August 2013: I put in some babe white blond beaded extensions in my hair. I have really dark hair right now and, I wanted some peak-a-boos. I used extensions so I didn't have to damage my hair making it lighter.
October2013: The white blond peak-a-boos are gone. I'm all natural again!

What hair color line do you use>>

    I'm totally in love with Lanza' hair color line. If you have never tried it, you don't know what you are missing.


Book with me >>  

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      Leave a comment on the posts. I will try and get back with you as soon as I can. If that is not soon enough look through the other comments to see if I have already answered it.

For personal messages or notes>>

    Sending a message via facebook is the best way to get a timely response .I do try to get to all of my messages as possible but due to the high volume of messages I receive, this isn’t always possible. Although, I do read every email I receive. If you do not have a facebook account please feel free to send a personal messages to my email. beyoutiful.by.jade@gmail.com .

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