Monday, November 18, 2013

Finding the right Fringe

Cutting your fringe can be two things fab or failure. Using these guidelines can help your fringe look flawless every time. So I have wrote a post on the best cut for your face shape. At the end of the post I stressed if you want the haircut that doesn't go with your face shape, by all means you rock it. It's the same things with fringe You can't always let rules hold you back!

Just so everyone is on the same page here, fringe and bangs are the same thing. Fringe is just the hair dresser high tech word for bangs. 

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Finding the right Fringe

Oval Face shape: Just like I said with the hair cut oval face shapes can generally get away with any bangs or cut they want. If you want to try soft wispy bangs or side swept bangs it is a very flattering look. Make sure to avoid bangs that cover up your beautiful facial features.

Round face shape: Usually I recommend avoiding bangs that make your face look wider. Try wispy bangs or side swept that blend in with the cut you have. I broke the rule on this one. I have a round/heart shaped face. A few years back I NEEDED blunt straight bangs so I got them and LOVED them. Flow your heart!!

Long or Oblong shape: Bangs that appear bunt, heavy and or long will really flatter your face. Try a heavy side swept bang for a glamorous look!

Square face shape: I highly recommend having feathering around your face to soften your strong jaw. An arched bang with feathering would look darling!! That's what I did on my darling sister. As you can see she looks good with anything. I left her fringe a little longer so you can't see the arch as much.

Feathering Looks good with most face shapes. Feathering is fun because you can start it at the top of your cheekbone for a more dramatic look, or the bottom of your chin for a subtle look.

The right fringe for your hair type

When deciding the right fringe you also NEED to take into consideration your hair texture, type and density. Choosing the right fringe for your hair type will cut down on styling time, and will help you not have to wrestle with your fringe every morning.

Feathering is a easy go to. It Flatters most face shapes and it also works with all hair types.

If you have stick straight hair that is medium think you are lucky most any bangs will be easy for you to style.

Embrace the curl girls with curly, textured, or wavy hair. It is so in right now! Trust me I know people who would die for hair like yours!! Enhance your curls with some wispy soft side swept bangs.

Waring!! Ladies if you have thick, heavy bangs and you have really thin or really coarse hair you may be spending a few more minutes in the morning styling your hair.

Other Issues

Cowlick: ... Hmm lets say cowlicks are interesting to work with. Make sure you tell your stylist if you have a cowlick BEFORE he/she starts cutting. There are cutting techniques that will help your fringe look better. Make sure your fringe is thick enough that it will hold the stubborn cowlick down. When your styling your hair at home I recommend blow drying your cowlick the opposite way it lays ( Make sure your blow dryer is on a low heat please). If you decided to get side swept bangs ,You could also try bobby pinning your bangs at night the way they are supposed to lay.

Heat Issue: I have countless people come into me and are worried that their bangs will not grow. Sadly to say their bangs are growing, and they are breaking them off. How you ask? Well most everyone hair in the front is a lot finer and more fragile than it is in the back. The poor hair in the front takes the most damage with heat, pulling it up, braiding to the side, round brushing it,and whatever else you may do style your hair. Turn your heat down on your thermal styling tools and your fringe will stay looking healthy and fabulous!!


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