Saturday, March 15, 2014

Our Family Pictures

On March 5, 2014, two days before I got my hair chopped, my talented sister Miss Karina Jean took our family pictures. I wasn't sure how pictures in the snow would turn out. But WOW, I love them. Was it chilly? Yes. Did my feet get wet? Yes. Karina's got the wettest, though. My husband Luke was the only one who thought to bring an extra pair of boots. Karina ended up wearing Luke's muck boots for most of the shoot. Was it worth it? ABSOLUTELY!!! 

Just look at Meeka's face! Some people may think it's strange to take family pictures with our dog. But we consider her part of our family. And by the look on Meeka's face, it appears that she considers us family also!

I adore all the pictures Karina took. But if I had to choose a favorite, this would be it.  This picture is hanging in our living room.

I know; I know. The next two pictures are the same. I just couldn't decide if I like this picture more in color or black and white. I figured there was no harm putting both on!

If you are wondering if Luke and I like to hike? "Yes, we do". Did we have to climb up a rocky hillside to get this picture? Yes, we did.  I just needed to get this shot. We took a picture like this for our wedding where I was in my wedding dress, and I just love it.

I couldn't be more pleased with how our pictures turned out! Karina captured our personality perfectly! If anyone would like her information to have her do your pictures or to see a portfolio of more of her work, please e-mail me and I would be happy to pass her information along.

My Outfit
 - I curled my hair with a 1 inch wand a few hours before the shoot. 5 minutes before we left I    re-curled a few pieces on the top layer.

- Shirt: Came from American Eagle.

-  Jeans: I got at Bohme last year. They are the Flying Monkey brand.

- Shoes: They may be my favorite part of my outfit. They are Sperry Top-sider's.

Luke's Outfit
 - Shirt: I got his shirt at American Eagle when I got mine.

-Jeans: I wanted the old wore out look for these pictures.  I just had him wear jeans that he has had for years. I think he got them at Zumies.

- Shoes: Luke is a country boy so he just wore his good 'ol cowboy boots that he got at Cal-Ranch.

Meeka's Outfit
- She is just naturally cute!

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